membership & passes

NZouk is managed by a small team of dance and event enthusiasts whose aim is to nurture and grow the Zouk community in Christchurch and elsewhere in New Zealand. Founded in 2010 to promote Zouk in New Zealand, the organisation initially ran classes and social events in Christchurch. In 2012, it became NZouk Dance Incorporated; the organisation responsible for bringing the increasingly popular Brazilian Dance Festival to New Zealand. Over the years NZouk has grown with the annual festival and its other national events, allowing it to pursue its wider objective of expanding the Zouk community.

NZouk has recently removed its annual membership fee completely. Dancers who register on our website to purchase a pass for an event will automatically be enrolled as members. This requires us to gather personal information toward the maintenance of our membership database as an Incorporated Society. This information will only need to be provided once, on Sign Up for a new account. Subsequent to the creation of an account, members will be able to Log In to purchase passes for all future events as they become available.

NZouk respects the privacy of its members and all personal information provided is used only for our own database and event management purposes. We look forward to welcoming new members into the organisation. Happy dancing!