Congratulations on securing your pass to the NZ Brazilian Dance Festival 2018! Please read all the information on this page.


Full Pass holders will be able to begin registration from Thursday night during the Pre-Party. We recommend registering on Thursday night if you are in Christchurch. All you will need to do is provide your name to the registration staff, who will affix a wristband on your wrist which you will need to wear until the end of the festival.

Day Pass holders must register on the morning of the day for which you have purchased a day pass. If you have purchased more than one day pass, you will need to re-register in the same way each morning.

If you are registered for the Samba Immersion Course at Impact Dance Studio you will first need to register at the main desk at Brazilian Beatz Dance Academy and obtain a wristband. Please allow extra time on Friday morning.

If you are aware of anyone intending to buy a Day Pass, please advise them that this can be done at Brazilian Beatz Dance Academy on the day.


For snacks and drinks, t-shirts, day and party pass purchases, payment can be made either by Cash or Eftpos at the desk. Credit Card payments can be made if required, however a transaction fee will apply.


This year we will be using three rooms spread across two venues. Our main venue is Brazilian Beatz Dance Academy at 407 Tuam Street where we will use two rooms. Our third room is at Impact Dance Studio which is almost directly across the road. Please see Google Maps for further information.

Our venues require heel caps if wearing heels. A limited number of heel caps will be sold at the venue for between $5 and $8 depending on the brand. They are in limited supply so we would prefer if you arrived with your own.

Also, we request that you respect the cleanliness of our venues in terms of food and drink consumption as well as rubbish disposal. Please note that no food or drink (other than water) is to be consumed at Impact Dance Studio.

Workshop Timetable

The schedule is available online at This is expected to be the final schedule however it is subject to change if required for logistical reasons; in all cases please visit the above link for the latest version of the schedule.

Parties & Performances

Thursday Night

We are very excited to be collaborating with ZoukLabs again for our Official Pre-Party. This event will be a dark, bass-heavy mixture of mid-range and powerhouse Trap and R&B. The Pre-Party is at Brazilian Beatz at 9.30 pm. There is a $20 door charge (unless you have specifically pre-purchased a pre-party ticket online) for all attendees, regardless of the type of pass you hold. While the ZoukLabs door charge usually includes alcoholic beverages, in this case it will include a selection of non-alcoholic beverages due to its association with our festival. ZoukLabs sessions are quite an experience so it is definitely worth taking the opportunity to attend if you are in Christchurch.

Friday Night

Diamonds & Denim! Put your new moves to the test at the end of the first massive day of the NZ Brazilian Dance Festival. There will be a prize for the best dressed, so dazzle us with your sparkliest diamonds or don your coolest denim and dance up a storm late into the night! This party will begin at 8 pm at Brazilian Beatz. 

Saturday Night

We will be using a separate venue for our showcase this year, The Christchurch Transitional Cathedral, also known as The Cardboard Cathedral at 234 Hereford St, Christchurch Central. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to get your Zouk on at an iconic Christchurch venue, with the internationally played DJ Kakah, DJing live!

The evening will begin with a showcase of performances by our international artists as well as national artists and performance teams from across New Zealand & Australia. Please arrive on time at 8.30 pm in order not to miss our performances.

The showcase will be followed by social dancing with DJ Kakah until midnight.

There will be an after-party at Brazilian Beatz starting at 12 am for Full Pass Holders Only. We will have an 8-seater van running shuttles from the Cardboard Cathedral to Brazilian Beatz Dance Academy for full pass holders to get to the After Party from midnight onwards. If possible, please make your own transport arrangements as capacity is limited and delays are possible. If you have a vehicle it would be appreciated if you could offer rides to people as required. The venues are a 5 minute drive from each other.

Sunday Night

Not ready to go home yet? We know the feeling. Take a break from dancing to watch your favorite artists compete against each other in this year's Invitational Jack & Jill Competition, then help us bring the weekend to a close by dancing late into the night! We will also be announcing the winners of the Jack and Jill competition on Sunday night, so don't miss out!

Please see for more information.

Jack & Jill

We will be running a Jack & Jill social dance competition which is administered by the Brazilian Zouk Dance Council. Registration for this is now closed. If you have already registered, please be aware that the Jack and Jill Meeting will be held at 5.20 pm on Friday afternoon in the Green room at Brazilian Beatz. The winners of each category will receive a Full Pass to either Casa do Zouk or BraZouky!

Hashtag Competition

We are running a #hashtagcompetition this festival. Take your best photos and share these on social media with our hashtags #NZBDF and #NZBrazilianDanceFestival (and @nz_brazilian_dance_festival on Instagram). The NZouk Committee will pick the best photo at the end of the festival and the person that shared this photo will win a free pass to the NZ Brazilian Dance Festival 2019! 

Final Notes

NZouk Dance Incorporated began this festival in 2010 to help grow the New Zealand zouk community and this fledgling effort has grown over 8 years into an internationally recognized annual event. The entire festival is organised and run by a committee of only seven. All work done by the committee is completely voluntary and unpaid. This year's committee is:

Rachael Keen
Paula Arbouw
Tejas Sreedhar
Katrina Maxwell
Hamish Gemmill
Melissa Kiesanowski
Yuri Filatov

If you have any feedback or require any assistance during the festival please feel free to speak to one of the committee. We aim to make this a great experience for everyone, so we have a few things to ask of you.

There will be dancers with a variety of skill levels at the festival. Leads, please respect the level of the followers to avoid injuries. Followers, please respect that leading is hard and we were all beginners once.

Please remember deodorant, a towel, mints or gum and maybe even a change of clothes so that you always smell as fresh as possible and everyone will love dancing with you.

Please respect our artists. We are sure they would love to dance with you as much as you want to dance with them, but remember they are there to dance with everyone. We also request that you do not film during the workshops except for the demos at the end.

The festival is intended to be a fun weekend so if there is anything you need or are unsure of, just ask us for help!

See you soon

NZouk Committee